Wren Emergency Preparedness

The Wren Emergency Planning Committee is a project of the WCC. The committee's purpose is to help residents prepare for and respond to emergencies and disasters.

Take the Scared out of Being Prepared

There are many on-line resources to aid parents/care givers with helping children during an emergency or disaster. The Wren Emergency Preparedness Committee encourages you to do some research and gather information, specific to your household, to include the well being of children when planning a household evacuation or shelter-in-place.

Most importantly, PRACTICE, which will reduce chaos and stress during an emergency.

  • what if you are all home

  • what if you are separated [work, school, day care, etc.]

  • what are the communication plans for different scenarios

Suggested on-line key word searches to help you get started:

  • emergencies with kids

  • emergency situations worksheets

  • emergency preparedness activities (for preschool, students, youth)


The Wren Disaster Preparedness Phone Tree Network is part of emergency preparedness/response and involves thirteen local phone tree areas, described as “neighborhoods” - map provided below. These neighborhoods have volunteer leaders who are in contact with the community co-coordinators:

Karen Kennedy (541) 929-5711


Karen Mikowski (541) 929-6825

(541) 740-8735 cell

Contact a co-coordinator if you are interested in joining the phone tree network. Participation is confidential and includes residents living or owning property in the Wren Fire District.

Neighborhood Alerts

In the event of an emergency, the co-coordinators activate the phone tree network, contacting (phone/text) each Neighborhood Leader. They, or a nearby neighbor, would contact you and provide information and/or instructions. You may be asked to pass the message on to another neighbor on the Phone Tree, as doing so could save lives.

Regional Alerts

Sign up for the Linn-Benton ALERT Emergency Notification System for your email and portable devices. The system is a mass notification system that allows public safety officials to provide rapid notifications to Linn and Benton County residents of emergencies, evacuations, and other urgent events. By signing up, you receive time-sensitive emergency and safety alerts from public safety officials in Linn or Benton County. You choose how and where to receive alerts - cell, home, and/or work phone, by email, text messages, or TTY (hearing impaired devices) and more.


  • "Disaster Preparedness for You and Your Household", contact Benton County Emergency Management for this booklet. Add'l information can be found at Benton County Community Emergency Plans - https://www.co.benton.or.us/sheriff/page/community-emergency-plans

  • Disaster Response Guide (DRG), Wren Emergency Planning Committee (Nov. 2016); page 19 of the DRG includes a list of additional regional/national resources - Click for link to DRG

  • Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), Wren Emergency Planning Committee (Nov. 2016) - Click for link to EOP

  • Firewise How to Prepare Your Home for Wildfire

  • Emergency Communications Workshop (slides) - PDF (click for link), Wren Emergency Planning Committee

  • Pets/Livestock in a Disaster, Wren Emergency Planning Committee - PDF (click for link)

  • Consumer Power offers "Mountain House emergency food....at a discounted price for members." The earliest expiration date is 2047.

    • 3 day supply for 1 person - $50

    • 14 day supply for 1 person - $210

2017 Map of Wren Neighborhood Phone Tree Areas