Citizen Advisory Committee

The Wren CAC (Citizens Advisory Committee) is organized as a means to counsel the Benton County Board of Commissioners, to provide citizen input and a communication link to respond to issues that arise regarding the services of the County, in particular, the land use process and the Wren Community Plan. Each year, at its annual meeting, Wren citizens elect replacement committee members for positions expiring that year. Anyone in the community can join in on this vote. The community's choices are forwarded to the Commissioners, who make the final appointments on the committee.

As land use and other county service issues arise, the CAC meets to consider their impact on Wren and to prepare input to the County, as appropriate. Meetings where such actions take place are posted in the Gazette Times and are open to the public. Wren residents are invited and encouraged to attend and provide their input to the Wren CAC. Please check the Events Calendar Page for the time, date, and agenda of the next meeting,

Wren Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Contact List