Disaster Preparedness Network

The Wren Disaster Preparedness Network is a project of the WCC to build a disaster-resilient community. There are eleven local Phone Tree areas (described as "neighborhoods") in the Wren community. These areas [link] have volunteer Leaders who are in contact with the community co-coordinators: Karen Kennedy (541) 929-5711 and Krisa Gigon (541) 929-4449. All Wren residents are eligible to participate in this network and should contact Karen or Krisa to exchange information.

In the event of an emergency the co-coordinators of the network will activate the Phone Tree Network, calling eachNeighborhood Leader. They, or a nearby neighbor, will contact residents, determine if anyone needs assistance, and convey pertinent information or instructions. Phone Tree members may be asked to pass the message on to other neighbors on the Phone Tree, as doing so could save lives. Phone Tree drills, often in conjunction with Benton County Emergency Services are conducted periodically to ensure the system is functioning.

Call Karen or Krisa to sign up.

Packets of useful information and details on preparing for emergencies are provided to each participating Wren household. If you are a new resident, please contact Karen Kennedy for the packet, and introduction to your neighborhood.

In addition, the Linn-Benton Alert System provides rapid notification via landline phone, text message, cell phone, email, or multiple phone numbers in case of emergency. To sign up, go online to the Benton County Sheriff.

Map of Neighborhoods

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