People and Places we would like to recognize for their help and participation.

The Wren Community Club is very appreciative of the support provided by generous grants from the Benton County Cultural Coalition in 2013 and 2014.  Their funding has been a major component of several infrastructure improvements at the Hall.

The Wren Emergency Preparedness Committee also wishes to thank:

 Jaimi Glass, Emergency Services Planner at the Benton County Sheriff's Office, who helped the committee prepare a successful request for FEMA grant funds.

 Dawn Dale, Budget Analyst at the Benton County Sheriff's Office who, helped with the

administration of grant funds.

 Mark Cantrell, who authored initial drafts of the grant proposal, Disaster Response

Guidebook, and Emergency Operations plan.

 Sidra Metzler-Hines, the State Homeland Security Grants Coordinator.

 Doug Sackinger, from Benton County Planning, who helped with maps.

 David Hackleman, Debra Hackleman, Mike Brown, and Susan Brown for their generous

donation of land to be used for the storage of emergency supplies.

 Chief Tom Miller and Lieutenant Rich Saalsaa, of Philomath Fire & Rescue, for their

continuing support, and for the assistance of their crew and volunteers.

The Wren Emergency Planning Committee wishes to thank all of the residents of Wren who have taken part in drills, participated in training, contributed ideas, and volunteered their time in order to make this a disaster resilient community – and a community worth protecting.

Truly, it takes a village...