Wren Community Plan

Benton County revised its Comprehensive Plan, the official policy guide for decisions about growth, development, and resource management in Benton County. The Wren Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) was asked to recommend policies related to the Wren Community for inclusion in the County’s Comprehensive Plan. In May of 2004, the CAC invited Wren residents to identify issues in the community and to update the 1996 Wren Community Plan. A survey of residents was completed in 2005 to identify current concerns and priorities. In response to this citizen input, the Wren CAC updated the Wren Community Plan and developed the Comprehensive Plan policies specific to Wren, which the County approved on July 10, 2007. In addition, the County has revised the Development Code to allow increased flexibility in the permitted uses of commercial and industrial lands outside of urban growth boundaries.

Here is the current Wren Community Plan – 2007

The entire Benton County Comprehensive Plan can be viewed online or at the Benton County Community Planning offices.

The Mary's River Watershed Council produced a wonderful Wren Guide to Conservation for understanding the local Wren biome and conservation efforts for supporting this unique Coastal Range and Willamette Valley habitat.