Wren, OR Community

This website is sponsored by the Wren Community Club. Our mission is to foster community spirit and provide a building for community activities. Connections to various areas of interest may be found by clicking on the links.

The rural unincorporated community of Wren is located in the eastern foothills of the Oregon Coast Range, about 5 miles west of Philomath, near the junction of Highway 20 and 223 (Kings Valley Highway). Please see the Wren maps.

The Wren Community Club was started in 1938 by local friends and neighbors in the Wren area. The original 50 cents lifetime membership fee to the Wren Community Club still stands in honor of those good folks who made this community so inviting and friendly.

In the 1930's, members of the Wren Community Club built a Community Hall with donated materials and volunteer labor. The Hall is alive and well and is made available for use by local residents and landowners for community activities. It can also be rented by non-Wren residents by reservation.  Click on the link for Community Hall (above) for more information.

Over the years the Wren Community has swelled and slimmed and ridden the tides of change. In 1998, the Wren Historical Society published Memories of Wren in an effort to preserve some of the stories and photos from the people who grew up here in the 1920's and 1930's. This publication was last updated in 2013.

In 1994, local residents were inspired to rejuvenate a sense of community and began an intentional effort to plan for the future of Wren. The Wren Community Plan was adopted as part of the Benton County Comprehensive Plan in 1996.  With the help of the Wren Citizen Advisory Committee, the Plan was revisited by the residents and landowners of the Wren area and revisions can be seen in the Wren Rural Unincorporated Community Plan 2006.

Improvements to the Wren Community Hall continue, and the Wren Community Club is very appreciative of the support provided by generous grants from the Benton County Cultural Coalition in 2013, and 2014. Their funding has been a major component of several infrastructure improvements at the Hall.

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